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Denise, You and Rufus blessed my socks off last night!! I was so filled with joy the

whole time. Please tell Rufus I was so impressed with the band, his talent, and the

professionalism of the way the whole event was run. I would love to come back, and

I look forward to seeing what God does next! If I ever need to hire live musicians, I

know who to call!


Jean Watson

International Recording Artist

Enjoyed 4th Friday. Such a wonderful place to come to. Very inspiring. Love it! Love

it! Love it. So glad that there's a place like this to come to.  Just gets the sparks of

creating going inside of me each time I attend.  Thank You Sooo Much!
Sandra Moore


We had such a great time at 4thFridays.  4thFridays is this once-a-month coffeehouse/concert series produced by Rufus Harris and Denise Strong. I wish more community centers were like the Ford Center. This place is just gorgeous - and a huge complex. In addition to the little theatre area that Rufus and Denise use for 4thFridays, there's a gym, a pool, a climbing wall, a basketball court... and a whole second level I haven't explored.  One thing I appreciate about what Rufus and Denise are doing is how diverse 4thFridays is. Not just in terms of their artists - although there is plenty of diversity in that. But even their audience is a good mix of different racial and socioeconomic groups, which is so awesome. Detroit, for all that it's a big city, is very segregated. It's nice to see people from all walks of life coming together.  And it's nice to know that 4thFridays is deliberate in showcasing diversity in musical acts. All ages, all ethnicities. Music is a funny thing - it transcends age, class, and race. A good song can speak to anyone, at any time. And yet - when you look at music as a business - it's one of the least diverse businesses ever! Journalism and politics have more diversity than music does. It's kind of sad, really, in a field that, at it's core, is so much bigger than color or money or, really, any classification people think up.


The performance of my daughter (Kelly Eldridge) is what brought me to 4thFridays, and I went home feeling amazed and blessed with the entire experience.  It is such a pleasure to be at the prestigious Ford Community & Performing Arts Center for a Christian music event.   The CAMP created a well-deserved  distinguishing venue for our local Christian artists.  How wonderful to be lifted up as they lift Him up!   Thank you!
Barbara Harrington
Mom and Fan

Your ministry is a balm to my soul.

Michael Hildebrandt

"Not only are the people diverse at 4thFridays but so are the  

music and the artistic offerings.  How good and pleasant it is

when brothers live together in unity!"  Psalms 133:1 (NIV)

Rhonda Welsh

Thanks for all that you do for us musicians, and for the cause

of guys are a class act!

Chris and Jenny Kokenos

4thFridays is like a cool series you really enjoy and you just can't wait to see what the next episode has in store for you!


I had a great time at 4thFridays.... No wait.... 4thFridays WITH RUFUS HARRIS  I must say in my opinion is the classiest venue in town for showcasing Christian talent.   God bless you Rufus, Denise and your "crew" for all that you put into the event.


Jackson Baugh
Kindred Nation Band

There is nothing like (4thFridays) around!


Therese M.
Awesome talent!  Enjoyed the fellowship.  Didn't know there were so many talented

Christian artists in the area.  Nice to have a place to go for coffee and fellowship and

focusing on the Lord.


Diane Halis 
St. Michael's Lutheran Church 
Canton, MI

I attended "4thFridays with Rufus Harris" in Dearborn, and found it to be  a totally enjoyable experience. The musical and performing guests were top notch, not only with their particular gift, but also in their profession of faith in our Lord. The atmosphere was comfortable, the presentation was professional, the evening blessed. To top it all off there was Rufus and his wonderful band a blend of music and the Word I really enjoy. This is remarkable way to spend an evening with your family, and the fellowship of our family of Christ. I'd mark 4th Fridays a "don't miss"!


Gary Schippling 
Celebration Ministries/FaithFest

What a great way to spend a Friday evening.  Rufus and his house band -- all talented musicians in their own right -- opened and closed the show in the intimate Studio A just off the main lobby.

Rufus is a fabulous singer-songwriter-guitarist-arranger-band leader who also speaks eloquently about his faith and his ministry.  His music is highly listenable and sophisticated, blending jazz -- particularly that form of jazz known as fusion -- with rock and roll and something approaching a ballad quality.

There was coffee, a candle on each table, an information display with Rufus Harris and guest artist CDs/tapes as well as flyers on upcoming Christian performing events, and a good feeling in the air. More food was available in the center court, just outside Studio A.   The event seemed to be equally attended by blacks and whites... something that can't be said of too many venues, particularly church venues, in metro-Detroit.


Nancy Combs
Singer, musician and songwriter
Fort Street Presbyterian Church

Thanks 4thFridays for having Sojourn...   I found Rufus and the rest of

the  staff all very friendly and helpful.    It was truly a pleasure to have

the opportunity to work with... the whole crew.  ... I had seen Jubal

perform, back in the early to mid 1980s.   One performance was in

Battle Creek, Michigan, at what was supposed to be a Joe English concert.  

I was really impressed with  Jubal, but neglected to pick up any releases.  

I had not realized the connection to Jubal, until I... read a bit more from

the Rufus Harris website.  Rufus... impressed me many years ago, and

continues to.  Thanks for a great night of fellowship with an incredible

group of God's children.


Tim Hamm
Sojourn bassist

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