Our Team


Rufus Harris
Executive Director
Background:  Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Speaker, Pastor, Audio

Engineer, Event Planner and Internet Security Consultant



Denise Strong
Background:  Event planning, correctional events, public affairs,

television production, promotions, publicity, marketing, design

and merchandising, theology

Michael Brewer
Background:  Advertising, Marketing, Lighting Engineer

Lawrence O. Strong
Background: Accounting, finance, auditing, bookkeeping, information

technology consulting, beverage services

Mildred Sheats
Background: Event planning, catering, direct sales, marketing,
real estate

Paul Kelley
Board Member
Background:  Singer, Songwriter, Musician, writer

From Left to Right Front Row:
Denise, Mildred, & Lawrence
From Left to Right Rear Row:
Paul, Marvin, Rufus & Mike

Lawrence Strong - the 4thFridays brewmister. He is the reason for the "good coffee" in our slogan.

The lovely Kimberly Strong - assistant to the coffee brewmister.  She's his sister too.

Our sound guys: Rick Struble - setup and Engineer - Guy Tchwanto (from France)

Our 4thFridays crew and a few supporters.