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Join us for the next show on Friday, March 22nd, 8pm !   

Jean Watson

Based in Michigan, Jean Watson is a singer, violinist, author, and speaker who is passionate about sharing the transforming love of Jesus with the world. She travels in full-time ministry in the US and Ireland where she hosts a radio show on United Christian Broadcasting. Jean has recorded with some of Nashville’s finest musicians including Michael W. Smith, Russ Taff, and David Meece and has appeared on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” and CBN’s “700 Club”. Jean is honored to be married to Mark Roberts, a retired Air Force chaplain and pastor. Together, they share a blended family of seven children, ten grandchildren, six chickens, and a horse.

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Mo  Jones

Mo Jones is an Award winning American solo bassist and author from the Flint Michigan area. He has been playing bass for 40 plus years developing a funky groove sound that is signature Mo Jones. He has been involved as a song writer since the mid 80’s and recorded with several bands like Surreal, Liquid Eclipse, Nu Mission, Amy Heard, Peak, Teresa Maynard, One With Him, Answering the Call. Liquid Eclipse was his own band and the album title was “Only Love Remains” (1995). He also has a solo bass album out called. Mo Jones “Bass” (2011). He then formed his band Threefold Mercy and put out an album called “My Hope Is In You” (2017). Recently, he took third place in the Phil Jones Bass Solo Bass competition in NYC in November of 2021. Mo Jones has developed a signature sound on his songwriting for solo bass. The melodies and chord structures will take you on a journey. Currently, Mo Jones is working on new solo bass projects and has published his first book called “The Plowman” which is available at his website Or you can go to Amazon and find it there.

rufus harris

Take the vocal and melodic sound of Seal; add a little funk; guitar work like Toto; bundled with a spiritual focus; and you have - Rufus Harris.  Since the mid-70s, this Metro Detroit native has been writing and performing music.  His cleverly crafted songs illustrates Rufus’ creativity and varied musical influences.  His upbringing in Alaska exposed him to all types of musical artists ranging from Sly and the Family Stone to the Beatles.   For years he was the principle singer and songwriter in a band call Jubal.  They performed throughout the Midwest and East coast sharing their unique sound from the 70s thru the early 90s.  During his time with Jubal, Rufus was one of the most requested recording engineers in Detroit.  George Clinton, Earl Klugh, The Four Tops, Marvin and BeBe Winans, and The Commodores, are among the celebrated national recording artists with whom he has worked. 

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