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Our Philosophy

spaces where diverse people from differing backgrounds gather to

enjoy entertainment that inspires.

the same tuning in to what is varied and both: emotionally and

spiritually moving.

environs where those institutionalized are relevantly and positively


Imagine the CAMP:
the Christian Artists and Musicians Project.


At the CAMP, we believe that God has graced all artists with unique abilities and the desire to share with others the gifts they possess.  The unfortunate occurrence is that, many artists are unappreciated until they reach certain levels of fame.  The many get discouraged and hang up their instruments – whether: musical; the writing tablet; the artist’s brush or pencil; or the dancing shoes. 


This phenomenon occurring among any talented artist is appalling but totally unfortunate and unacceptable for the artist who has faith in Christ.  Undeniably, there is such a need: first, for the purpose of pointing the world to the reconciliation which is through faith in Jesus Christ and secondly for the purpose of encouraging other believers in their Christian walk. 


The CAMP aims to rally artists in the following ways:

1)  By connecting artists with venues which they can perform and share their faith with others.  Venues such as 4thFridays showcase diverse gifted artists in a coffeehouse atmosphere.  The event is open to the public.

2)  By taking the arts to those who are less fortunate - the CAMP believes
that God has called artists to take the Good News and their gifts to those who can not come out to see them. The CAMP equips artists by offering training for institutional performances.  There are so many individuals in institutional settings such as correctional facilities, nursing homes, and homeless shelters who need and desire to be uplifted. We work with a roster of diverse

artists for these events. Our motivation is biblically based. 

Jesus said in Matthew 25:16:

.... I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and

you came to visit me. (NIV)

3)  By sponsoring workshops and seminars so that artists better understand the business of music.  When artists have a strategy, they can hone their craft and effectively promote themselves.

4)  By providing a means for facilitating the support for all of the above.  Clearly the Scriptures indicate that a person who works is worthy of being paid.  Artists deserve respect and need to be able to earn a living and serve the community at the same time. 

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